Dear friends,


We are happy to inform you that the organisation of, the


has begun!


   Formed in 2008 the festival’s main goal was to bring interesting and creative puppet performances to a smaller community, that otherwise wouldn’t be involved in such a cultural event. The festival takes place in Tiszaalpár, a village in central Hungary, on the edge of Kiskunsági National Park.


The festival will be presented to local audience and to the visitors of the event, guarding its presentational form. There will be no jury, and no prize, only recognition of participation.


The technical resorts for the festival are being given by the Community of Tiszaalpár, and the artistic leadership provided by Mikropodium Puppet Theatre. We would like to consider your participation as a form of support, since it helps the creation of a new festival, in spite the financial situation in culture today.


The programs will take place in a “Community Home”, on Templomdomb hill, Cultural Center and on the streets and river banks of Tiszaalpár.